As soon as possible, you are going to want to create a short video and upload it* to PRC PAC. This is one of those things that is very easy to do, but is also very easy not to do – so, don’t put it off. These videos are very important to the movement and you’ll want to help encourage those that you sponsor to get theirs in also.

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WE DO NOT WANT PROFESSIONAL VIDEOS! We want everyday people taking a few minutes out of their life to tell others why they feel so strongly about PRC PAC. These videos can be taken as a selfie with a smartphone or a computer vidcam – the more realistic the better.

Below you will find a short video giving you easy suggestions on how to make a good video. You will also find a couple of photos that will help. The main thing is not to be scared or intimidated by the process – it really is easy and we need your help!

One Important Requirement: Legally, you MUST identify yourself as an Independent Affiliate Member (or, Independent Participating Member) of Primary the Ruling Class (or, PRC PAC). Therefore, all videos should start with a smile and these exact words:

“I’m (first name only) and I’m an Independent Affiliate (or, Participating) Member of Primary the Ruling Class (or, PRC PAC). I joined because…”

Other suggestions:

Please watch the following short video:

*By uploading your video, you are giving PRC PAC exclusive ownership rights to it and you acknowledge our right to edit it and use it as we deem beneficial to PRC PAC. See the Terms and Conditions of this website for full details.