A War Chest - Ad Campaigns to Replace RINOs

PRC PAC believes the best way to replace Ruling Class (RINO) Republican politicians is in the Primary Elections. The populist side of the Democrat party is fully socialist and the establishment side is totally corrupt – we cannot oppose a RINO during the general election and allow the Democrat candidate to win. However, we can oppose the RINO politicians in the Republican Primaries…

RINO = Republican In Name Only

PRC PAC not only works to expose these RINOs, we build a war chest to actively campaign against them during Primary election season. The magnitude of our campaigning is limited only by the size of our war chest.

The Trump-Pence 2016 election proved the effectiveness of social media advertising. At PRC, we are striving to take it to the next level. With a potential launch platform made up of thousands of individuals, we can boost campaign ads to unheard of levels of saturation.

Quality campaign ads are expensive to produce. Even modest efforts can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Actually running the ads on various media platforms can cost many multiples of that. Your contributions (dues) help make all of this possible. Building a war chest is one of the PAC’s highest priorities and a portion of all contributions received (immediately after operating expenses are covered) go toward this.

As funding grows, PRC will augment its online efforts with Radio and television advertising.

If We Save the GOP, We Save America