Deep Dive Political Research Archives

The PRC Political Research Archives are an ever expanding database of articles, events, reports, and voting records of candidates, office holders, and other persons of interest inside and outside of government. 

Come election season, all candidates sound the same… but we know behavior never lies. This archived record of their behavior holds politicians feet to the fire – we make it easy to distinguish the Ruling Class (RINO) Republicans from those that truly place America first…

Archives are updated daily.

In addition, there are a large number of Political & Social Issue archives – a partial list is included in the next column.

Also, every member can set up a personal archive(s) for personal, private, or group use. Local chapters of PRC use this function to organize local members, but the possible uses are many.

Each archive (public or private) comes with an attached Forum to promote communication and conversation.

Archives are available to all dues paying members.

Archive Vaults:

  • Candidates and Officeholders
  • Other Persons of Interest
  • Political & Social Issues
  • Member Groups

The following is a partial list of the Political & Social Issue Archive Vault Categories

  • Climate Change
  • Education
  • Entitlement Programs
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Geopolitics and Foreign Affairs
  • Globalism
  • Healthcare in America
  • High-Tech Innovation
  • High-tech Tyranny
  • Identity Politics, Race Relations and Social Justice
  • Immigration
  • Media Bias
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Moms For America
  • Ruling Class Corruption: US Attorney General William Barr, the Inspector General, and The Coup
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller
  • The Activist Judiciary
  • The Deep State
  • The Ruling Class
  • The Second Amendment
  • United States Congress
  • US Economy & Foreign Trade
  • US Space Force – Solar System Expansion
  • Voter Fraud