Here is where you will find various forms, flyers, and presentations that can be downloaded and printed.

PRC PAC Forms, Flyers, and Presentations


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PRC PAC IAM/IPM Application This is a paper application that can be used to speed-up the sign-up process. Note: All applications must be scanned or photographed with a smartphone and emailed to – They must also be entered online (the photocopy is a required backup).


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What To Do First Every sponsor should make sure their new IAMs receive this document immediately after joining PRC PAC. In addition, sponsors should discuss or explain each item to the new IAM. Inspect What You Expect and make sure your new IAM gets off to a good start.


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PRC New Member Presentation for Print This is the slide presentation that PRC Presentation Team members use. These pdf pages are commonly printed out, put in page protectors, and then placed in a 1/2 inch binder to be used as a flipchart.


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PRC New Member Presentation Powerpoint This powerpoint presentation needs the (below) PRC Whiteboard Animation hosted on the same device to play correctly.



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PRC Whiteboard Animation This animation can be used as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with the PRC New Members Presentation Powerpoint.



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PRC New Member Presentation Mp4 This is a complete audio and video presentation. It is great for learning how to give a presentation.



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PRC Benefits of Membership Flyer This one-page flyer is typically printed and then laminated to help a prospect choose at which level of membership to join.



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