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Traditionally, there have been two different kinds of citizen political groups. Grassroots organizations (like the Tea Party) have created strong political activism but are brought up short by a lack of funding and leadership. Super PACS have large war chests but no significant membership numbers for political activism.

PRC PAC combines the two. Professional politicians will need to respect our voting numbers as well as our dues-driven war chest and Ad Campaign ability. In other words, we have the potential to create massive political clout. To our knowledge, we are the only organization doing this.

In addition, we are not dogmatically tied to any political party. Currently, the Democrat Party is a lost cause, so we find ourselves focusing on Republican leadership… but we are dedicated to exposing and removing ‘elite’ Ruling Class politicians from national office regardless of party.

Our thoughtful strategy of focusing on the Primary Elections is also intelligent and rare.

Yes. Transparency is the key. PRC PAC is a registered Political Action Committee with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Our financials are a matter of public record.

Yes, absolutely. President Trump is currently the People’s Champion when it comes to fighting the Ruling Class, but it will take more than eight years to root out all the corrupt Congressmen, Senators, civil servants, judges, etc. We fully expect PRC PAC to be multi-generational.

In a sense… As in any union, all members are encouraged to recruit others (In unity lies strength). Shop Foremen, however, are typically paid to actively recruit and then help organize existing membership.

PRC PAC offers two levels of membership. IPMs are those members that want to support the cause but are not aggressively involved (or planning to be involved) with organization building (recruiting).

IAM is a level available to individuals that are willing to become involved with organization building and would like to receive compensation for those successful efforts.  Financial Compensation is paid according to the Terms & Conditions of the PRC PAC Compensation Plan and can be significant enough to allow individuals to participate on a part-time or full-time basis – regardless of the level of income they are accustomed to.

The benefits of membership are both tangible and intangible. It’s hard to put a price on standing up for what you believe in and really making a difference. It is also impossible to weigh the value of setting the right example for your children, friends, and colleagues.

There are, however, tangible benefits and the list is not short. To learn more, go HERE.


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