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Traditionally, there have been two different kinds of citizen political groups. Grassroots organizations (like the Tea Party) have created strong political activism but are brought up short by a lack of funding and leadership. Super PACS have large war chests but no membership to speak of for political activism.

PRC PAC combines the two. Professional politicians will need to respect our voting numbers as well as our dues-driven war chest and Ad Campaign ability. In other words, we have the potential to create massive political clout. To our knowledge, we are the only organization doing this.

In addition, we are not dogmatically tied to any political party. Currently, the Democrat Party is a lost cause, so we find ourselves focusing on Republican leadership… but we are dedicated to exposing and removing ‘elite’ Ruling Class politicians from national office regardless of party.

Our thoughtful strategy of focusing on the Primary Elections is also intelligent and rare.

The short answer is that traditional citizens are banding together to force Republican leaders to support the America First agenda that we elected Donald Trump to enact.

For a more detailed understanding read THIS article or listen to THIS podcast.

No. In our forums we do encourage our members to share many thoughts and ideas, but our Deep-Dive Political Research Archive is reserved for documentation of verified accounts and reporting. Just like the book that launched the movement, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy, anything published by PRC PAC is heavily researched and documented.

Probably the same things you do. We support President Trump in the America First agenda. We believe that our Constitution gives power to the people – not a self-appointed ‘elite’ group of politicians who live in a cultural bubble that reinforces the idea that only they are smart enough to make decisions for the rest of us.

For a more detailed understanding of our philosophies, you can peruse our Simple Truths blog and/or our Hot Topics blog.


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