I am amazed at this software package and I am very excited to put it to full use. You folks have done an incredible job with this and are to be commended. After having used it for a short while, however, I am having a few issues I need your help with…


First, my setup:

Ultimate Affiliate Pro: vs 4.8 (purchase code: a0a49834-0b91-41cc-a687-370efb06de07)

Ultimate Membership Pro: vs 7.5 (purchase code: 9d0c784e-b91c-4a11-ad2b-d05b3383935c)

WooCommerce: vs 3.5.3

WordPress: vs 5.0.3

Theme: KLEO vs 4.4.7 (KLEO Child = current theme)

Website: https://members.primarytherulingclass.com/

Temp Admin Username: HelpAssist@22019

Temp Admin password: HelpAssist@22019


My configuration:

I have a membership site where users can purchase a WooCommerce product that gives them access to one of three levels of UMP membership (along with BuddyPress social media and bbPress Forums). Two of these products come with a subscription (WooCommerce Subscriptions), one is a lifetime membership (no subscription). Other products are available to purchase but no referrals are paid on them and no membership level is associated with them.

I am using the Magic Plugin ‘MLM’ to pay referrals up through six levels of parental hierarchy (4 x 6 forced matrix).

Under ‘Manage Rank’ there are six ranks; all have the Rank Amount set at 3%, with Recurring Referrals set at 6%. The MLM Referrals For Each MLM Level are each set at 100%.

Offers and Landing Commissions (CPA) are both set to ‘off.’ The Magic Features, Lifetime Commissions, SignUp Referrals (CPL), Pay Per Click (CPC), CPM Commission, Lifetime Commissions, and Allow Own Reference are all set to ‘off.’ MLM and Recurring Referrals are both set to ‘on.’ The Pay to become Affiliate is set to ‘on’ with the Source set as WooCommerce, All Products set to ‘off’, and the three WooCommerce membership related products designated.

PLEASE NOTE: I have several live subscriptions active on this site – therefore the Braintree merchant account is live. I plan on erasing all the historical transactional/earnings data in the near future, but it is important my products and existing subscriptions are not altered. Having said that, you do have permission to access my WP Admin Dashboard in whatever fashion necessary to resolve my issues – thank you.


My Challenges and Questions:

  • As can be seen below in Example 1, my system is attempting to pay out double referrals on the same membership purchase. How do I correct this?
  • Once my system is operating correctly, I would like to be able to reset all historical data including: Transactions, Earnings, Traffic Log, and Referrals History without erasing Affiliates and Users, or affecting the MLM Matrix display, WooCommerce products, or WooCommerce Subscriptions. How do I do this? Can it be done both as an all-user reset and per individual user?
  • In addition to the normal referral generated for an Affiliate and their (MLM) ‘upline,’ I would like to be able to pay a one-time bonus to the Affiliate that sells the membership (and not have that bonus paid to the upline). I cannot figure out a way to do this without affecting upline referrals paid out on subscription renewals… What am I missing? Is this possible?
  • Is there a way to set the bottom/first level of membership so these Affiliates do not earn referrals until they progress to the next level? The challenge is that to advance to the next level they need to sell memberships and the (MLM) Parents above them still need to make their referrals off of those same transactions. In addition, once the Affiliate reaches the second level, there would need to be a method to prevent the system from paying out any previously accrued referrals. In other words, I would like to have a beginning level where a member could have a position in the MLM hierarchy, but not accrue or earn commissions until they qualify for the second level. Is this possible?
  • Are the Magic Features Recurring Referrals and Lifetime Commissions redundant? If the only product(s) I am paying a referral on are memberships, do I need to use both features?
  • How can I edit the amount I am paying out to an Affiliate? (see Example 2)


Thank you in advance for your help… this project is personally very important to me and I am grateful for your assistance.


Bill (stressfreebill@gmail.com)


Troubleshooting Screenshots

Example 1





As can be seen here, a prospect bought a membership from Affiliate mean34dean. The initial referral for the parent (mean34dean) is correctly calculated ($12,000 x 3% = $360), and the two ‘upline’ Affiliate commissions are also being correctly calculated (360 x 100%). The problem is that the entire process is being duplicated. It appears that the PRC Store (WooCommerce) is calculating the referrals and then Patriot Place (Ultimate Membership Pro) is repeating. I cannot find any settings to affect this. These particular transactions are not verified because the Method of Payment used was a bank transfer – using a credit card would mark them as verified and I would be paying out double commissions.




Example 2


I would think there would be a method for me to make an adjustment on the amount I am paying out to an Affiliate. If I am batching it through a .csv file I could do it there, but is there no way to do it within the system?

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