How to Get Your Two

Make Sure You Have Watched the PRC Basic Training Video

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A key element in the Primary the Ruling Class grassroots movement is for every member to recruit (at least) two others. This can be much easier than you might think – especially if you’ll let us help you with a little strategy and a few tools…

Approach People Online, Over the Phone, or In-person

See below for suggestions on contacting prospects in-person. For online approaches, you can share the various blog posts and articles found on this website (via social media or email). The PRC Inaugural Podcast is also a powerful introduction into who and what we are. One of the most effective ways would be to use the PRC Customized Landing Pages that can be found in the PRC Store. Don’t spam these things out to others – a personalized private message or email works best.

The Most Important Recruiting Rule – Don’t do it on your own!

When it’s just you recruiting someone, you’re asking them to take a leap of faith. But when you introduce them to one or more other people, it suddenly becomes real. Expert recruiters estimate that your chance of successfully recruiting another go up by 70% when you use third-party credibility. Also, the faster you introduce that third person the higher your success rate will be.

Ways to introduce a third person:

The 2nd Most Important Recruiting Rule – What to leave them with…

They need to view PRC PAC as a large growing movement. It needs to be bigger in their eyes than just a couple of people. You accomplish this by using Leave-Behind materials. By far, the most effective is the tri-fold brochure. Also, be sure to give them a Leave-Behind Card (or personalized PRC business card). In addition, we cannot stress enough how powerful it is to wear the PRC clothing. The embroidered polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc. create an immediate impression that this is very real and you feel it is important.

2nd Rule materials available at the PRC Store:

The 3rd Most Important Recruiting Rule – Follow-up

It would be great if every prospect immediately said, “Yes, let’s do this!” and signed up on the spot. But 99% of the time this won’t happen. Even those that give a verbal commitment will probably have to be ‘tracked down’ to actually put them in the system… Don’t mistake this as rejection. People are busy and it is your job to make it easy for them. That means following up as many times as it takes to get their questions answered or to reassure them that they are wanted and needed. People always ask how many times to follow-up… the answer is until they are in, or until you know they are no longer interested. It isn’t ‘bugging’ someone to give good customer service/follow-up.

Remember, the PrimaryTheRulingClass website is your friend. Drive as many people to it as you can and it will give you credibility and make you more effective.