To: the iBuild Team,

This is in regards to the App I am building with your template. I love your service,but I need some help. I am unable to connect my App to the PayPal servers where I have an active business account. PayPal assures me my settings are correct.

My name is William Luznicky and the App is ‘PRC PAC.’

I have included below screenshots and a description of the challenges. Please be aware that I have two separate eCommerce sections: One uses the ‘checkout’ pages, the other is set for a ‘Buy Now’ option. 



This is the App Homepage. The ‘PRC Store’ icon leads to shopping cart product selections and the ‘$ Donate’ icon leads to several donation options set-up on Buy Now.

Under ‘PRC Store,’ the shopping cart page works as expected. The problem occurs when I click on ‘Check Out.’

This is the screen that appears when I click on ‘Check Out.’ The revolving ‘loading’ icon in the background is active, but never finishes.

After selecting the ‘$ Donations’ icon from the Homepage and then selecting one of the donation options, I am taken to this Product Page.

Please note that there is no amount listed and no ‘Buy Now’ button.



Also, please be aware that I have triple-checked my PayPal API settings in iBuild and am confident they are correct.


Thank you in advance for your help…