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Registering at the Minuteman level (Independent Member – IM) of PRC enrolls you in the Primary the Ruling Class movement. There are no sign-up fees or monthly dues associated with this membership level (although, one-time donations are always appreciated). Also, other than abiding by our Terms and Conditions, there are no absolute requirements concerning participation (you can participate fully or sporadically – it is totally up to you). However, there are some minimal levels of participation that we hope you will honor…

One purpose of PRC PAC is to educate Americans on the Ruling Class culture that has permeated our government, media, academic institutions, and even Hollywood. Therefore, two-way communications with our membership is vital – this is why we require a double opt-in sign-up procedure (you must reply to an initial email to complete your registration). Please use an email address that you check daily. You can be assured that we will never abuse your trust in us – we will not inundate you with frivolous email or sell our list of members (see our Privacy Policy).

Also, if you haven’t already filled out a Membership Application form, please go to the Sign-up/Upgrade iconon this app and complete your application. It is important that we be able to reach out to you  – especially around election time or when certain issues come up for a vote in the US House or US Senate.

On such occasions, we may send you a short survey – typically no more than three to five questions – so that we can accurately gauge the opinions of our membership.

We may occasionally ask you to send an email or even place a phone call to the offices of a certain politician. This is called political activism and it can be very effective. For far too long the other side has been organized and we have not – this needs to change.

Benefits of Membership (IM)

  • Special invites to local rallies
  • Open invitation to PRC events
  • Participate in PAC opinion surveys
  • Receive the PRC Weekly Newsletter
  • Stay informed on the battles between Ruling Class Republicans and America First Republicans (the media seldom reports on this)
  • The opportunity to participate in organized political activities
  • Perk: Receive discount pricing on the book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy

Independent Member (IM) Registration

To Register as a PRC Independent Member, go to the Sign-up/Upgarde icon on the PRC App