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Patriotic Passion Political Knowledge Persuasion Skills

To Work For Us (and Yourself)

Only Members at the Active ‘IAM’ Level Are Eligible For Paid Positions

We build teams of people. Ultimately, our membership is projected to number in the hundreds of thousands (if not millions). Building and managing teams of this size present incredible challenges for organizing, training, motivating, and leading. 

When setting up the infrastructure of PRC PAC, we spoke with national leaders of other grassroots organizations. They gave us valuable insight into the difficulties of building and maintaining organizations like the Tea Party and Convention of States. 

One of the lessons we learned involves developing leadership. Many grassroots organizations and PACs spend millions of dollars on high priced consultants and have zero budget left over to reward leadership in the rank and file. We believe this is a mistake. We would rather handsomely pay our part-time and full-time team leaders to motivate and organize our current members, recruit and train new members, and establish relationships and lines of communication to facilitate retention.

While in some geographic areas we may hold rallies or other fun events,  most of the activities carried out by our team leaders can be accomplished on a computer or phone. There is nothing complicated about what we do and we provide full training.

Unlike traditional unions, PRC PAC is a Political Action Committee and therefore places a high priority on transparency. Our Cell Leaders and Team Leaders are the rough equivalent of Shop Reps, Foremen, or Union Officials. These positions are invaluable to the organization and the time put into them deserves to be reimbursed. Instead of negotiating that compensation behind closed doors, however, we prefer to publish the various levels of potential reimbursement and tie it to performance. In this way we can eliminate the corruption of cushy 'do nothing' salaries and maintain trust amongst all PAC members.

Every member of a grassroots organization should want to help it grow. PRC PAC, however, takes recruiting to a professional level with our paid positions. Spreading the word and recruiting others takes time, and another lesson we learned is that if we can find a way to financially reward those efforts our members will be likely to give us much more of their time. Talking to others about something we believe in is not difficult – financially rewarding members just gives a good excuse to do more of it!

PRC PAC operates as a Political Union. And just like other kinds of unions, every paid position must be a member of the union. You will have (at least one) Team Leader and once you have learned the ropes you will want to quickly start talking to other people and identify like-minded individuals for you and your Team Leader(s) to recruit. Teamwork!

These personal recruits will make up your ‘cell’ within the organization. Your cell can include both IPMs and IAMs and you can build it as large as you want. Ultimately, PRC PAC will be made up of tens of thousands of cells just like yours!

Once your cell has at least four active members, you become a Team Leader. And while your own Team Leader(s) will still want to support you and your cell, you now have all the resources of Patriot Place to help you organize and motivate your cell. You may choose to set up your own private group in the Patriot Place social media network, create contests, or schedule video conferences and get-togethers. As a Team Leader, the choice is yours!

You’re not doing this on your own – you’ll be coordinating with other Team Leaders across the country. And remember, there is no experience necessary to become a powerful Team Leader and the rewards can be significant for you and your family. Extensive training is provided by PRC PAC as well as your own Team Leaders. The Team Leader position is where the fun begins, but it can go even further!

As a Team Leader, you are building your own cell – and there is actually a separate ranking system devised around the size of your cell – but you will also want to start encouraging your cell members to develop their own cells and  become Team Leaders. They will always count as one of your cell members, but you have now empowerd them to grow.

It takes many cells to form a full team in PRC PAC. And while team membership can overlap, you want to be on a team that reaches maximum participation. A fully developed team has 21,844 members. The more developed teams within PRC PAC, the more political clout we will have. 

The biggest lesson we learned from other national grassroots organizations is that developing and rewarding internal leadership is the key to massive growth. Therefore, we have set up a financial reward system based upon the total size of your team as well as the Rank you have attained as a cell leader.

Every IAM will earn a bonus when they personally recruit another IAM into their cell. These are one-time bonuses and are paid as long as an IAM is currently Active. However, if an IAM decides to pursue a paid position by building their own cell, they can become eligible to also receive an override on all the monthly membership dues of everyone on their team (not just their cell). A fully developed team has 21,844 members which could project to dues totaling more than $1.1 million monthly. As an incentive and reward for leaders willing to work hard to generate this type of monthly revenue to the PAC, we would gladly pay out a small percentage of each team member’s dues to the appropriate Team Leaders.

The size of the team (and monthly dues generated) would dictate the minimum amount of overrides paid out, while the maximum amount of overrides paid is dependent upon the Cell Rank of the member (as shown in the chart below). It should be noted that no amounts are guaranteed – see the complete PRC Compensation Plan for details.

We believe that this system fairly and adequately rewards the team building efforts of our members who choose to pursue a paid position path.

As your cell and team grow, the opportunities for you to learn and lead will also grow. We fully expect to have some of our leaders develop into regionally recognized names and others to achieve national influence and impact.

Are you up for the challenge? How far will you go?