The Greatest Ad Program in Marketing History !!!

Millions of Americans are sick and tired of what’s going on with our country – they just don’t know what to do…
You have the answer !!!

The PRC Authorized Ad Program is a sophisticated social media campaign that can attract large numbers of people asking to know more about PRC PAC. Once they have submitted their information, you still need to contact them within 24 hours and recruit them.



How it works:

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How to Place an Ad:

  1. Test your PRC Membership Packet links to make sure they are working properly (you also need to be familiar with the linked material to answer potential questions).
  2. Go HERE and prepay for your ads ($129 per ad, per week). NOTE: Your ad will not run if the incorrect amount is submitted. Also, please know that this ad program is operated by a third party (MeanDean LLC). Your credit card will be processed by MeanDean LLC, not PRC PAC – this is NOT a political donation.
  3. Fill out the following form and submit. Email any questions to:



Remember: a separate request form and a separate payment must be made for each zip code/ad.

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Important Information: