The Greatest Ad Program in Marketing History !!!

Millions of Americans are sick and tired of what’s going on with our country – they just don’t know what to do…
You have the answer !!!

The PRC Authorized Ad Program is a sophisticated social media campaign that can attract large numbers of people asking to know more about PRC PAC. Once they have submitted their information, you still need to contact them within 24 hours and recruit them.



How it works:

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  • You must have your personalized PRC Membership Packet page set up for you prior to requesting an ad. It is automatically provided for IAMs and can be found under YOUR TEAM>MARKETING>LANDING PAGES in your website back-office. IPMs can purchase it for a one-time fee of $69. It can be purchased (or, and IPM can upgrade) in the PRC Store.
  • Choose the zip code you would like your ad to run in. You can access a zip code map HERE. (NOTE: At our discretion, we may add surrounding zip codes (at no cost) to increase your ‘ad reach’ – we do our best to give every ad the same potential). Zip code selection is first-come-first-serve… No other ad will run in the same zip code in the same week.
  • Choose the week(s) for your ad to run. All ad weeks start on a Sunday – that is the date you will need to submit with your Ad Placement Email.
  • All ads cost $129 per zip code per week. All ads are prepaid and nonrefundable. NOTE: Each zip code is considered a separate ad and must be applied for and paid for separately. Also, the maximum length of time you may reserve a particular zip code is two weeks. To run an ad for more than two consecutive weeks in the same zip code you will need to resubmit your ad application every two weeks. Also, unless granted an exception, each IAM is limited to two ads (zip codes) per week.
  • All ad requests (see the form below) must be submitted no later than the Monday prior to the Sunday start date. Likewise, ad requests should not be submitted more than two weeks prior to the ad start date.

How to Place an Ad:

  1. Test your PRC Membership Packet links to make sure they are working properly (you also need to be familiar with the linked material to answer potential questions).
  2. Go HERE and prepay for your ads ($129 per ad, per week). NOTE: Your ad will not run if the incorrect amount is submitted. Also, please know that this ad program is operated by a third party (MeanDean LLC). Your credit card will be processed by MeanDean LLC, not PRC PAC – this is NOT a political donation.
  3. Fill out the following form and submit. Email any questions to:



Remember: a separate request form and a separate payment must be made for each zip code/ad.

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Important Information:

  • You may freely use the social media share buttons on any of the non-Back Office articles or videos found on the website(s). Likewise, if you have purchased the PRC Membership Packet you may freely share it via social media or email… However, You are prohibited from running any paid advertising regarding PRC PAC that does not go through an Authorized PRC Ad Program. This is a No Tolerance policy and can result in penalties not limited to just suspension or expulsion from membership.
  • It is highly recommended that all IAMs using the PRC Authorized Ad Program seek training from Senior Team Leaders on how to follow-up with ad respondents.
  • All ad respondents must be contacted by phone within 24 hours of responding (or, at least, the attempt must be made). PRC PAC will not tolerate the tarnishing of our image by untimely or non-diligent follow-up. It is recommended that you call your prospects three times a day (leaving no more than one voicemail per day) until you make the initial contact.
  • Please be aware that the instructions and rules for the ad program must be followed to the letter.


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