PRC App and News Feed

The PRC News Feed is one of the most influential tools the PAC utilizes. All new members (even the free levels) receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to download the free app and set-up the news feed. 

Content is added daily from a large number of differing insider and media sources.

As can be seen in the screenshots below, the article’s original headline can be viewed below the picture and PRC adds its own headline and description above.

A member can ‘swipe left’ to quickly scan through the headlines and, if curious, click to read more.

Even a few days or weeks of just reading the headlines will open the eyes of many to the power games behind much of America’s politics. If we are to defeat the Ruling Class (RINO) control of the Republican party, we must expose their manipulations. This app and news feed can help lift the veil.

The goal of PRC PAC is to have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people following this free news feed. This provides a non-biased source of information free from the censorship of the mainstream media. It is also totally independent of the manipulations of social media, video hosting, or search engine companies (that typically suppress America First causes).

Also available on the app: The PRC Weekly Report (podcast), PRC videos (including campaign ads), and new member sign-up.