Minuteman Membership – annual

$335.00 / year

This package qualifies you as a Minuteman member of PRC

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This annual payment of $335.00 saves you almost $25. Minutemen will receive a lapel pin and are encouraged to wear it proudly – especially at PRC sponsored events. Minutemen may participate in PAC surveys and PRC informational webinars and conference calls. Minutemen also have access to the PRC Deep Dive Political Research Archives. You will also receive the PRC weekly e-newsletter, Stop the RINOs.

NOTE: Upon joining, you will receive a PRC Welcome Letter with instructions on how to download the free PRC phone app and set up our PRC Daily Newsfeed. There will also be instructions on how to download and join our encrypted chat room. 

We feel it is very important for all members to be in communication with PRC PAC and these are important vehicles for this.

If, for whatever reason, you do not receive a Welcome email, please contact us: support@primarytherulingclass.com

Note: the I.R.S. considers your dues a non-tax-deductible political donation


Benefits Reserved for Minuteman Members

  • Receive a PRC window sticker
  • Receive a Minuteman Member Lapel Pin
  • Meet Thousands of Serious Like-Minded People Across the Country
  • Eligible to participate in world-class Grassroots Movement Training
  • Associate with Doers, Not Big Talkers