Join the Movement tri-fold Brochure


Beautiful and patriotic trifold handout invites others to Join the Movement to Primary the Ruling Class



Beautiful and patriotic trifold handout invites others to Join the Movement to Primary the Ruling Class

This ‘third-party credibility’ piece helps you exercise influence with a powerful professional presence.

When it comes to national politics, most people can sense something is wrong. But when it comes to explaining what’s going on and why, it can get confusing. Even trying to explain something to a friend that votes the same way you do can be frustrating – especially when it comes to explaining why the Primaries are so important and why we need to replace Ruling Class politicians. Whether it’s for the Primary or the General Election, using third-party credibility to help explain what you’re trying to do and who you’re supporting is a professional way to influence others.

This brochure gives you professional support for your arguments and points people in the right direction to learn more. Keeping a stack of brochures in your car allows you to be an agent of change. Whether having an impromptu conversation with a friend or an acquaintance,  this marks you as part of a movement – something bigger than just yourself.

In today’s electronic world, handing out a brochure can make an impact; it can change you from just a person with an opinion to an influential opinion maker.

Some of the language used in the brochure:

“The American people are not helpless. For too long, we have allowed a self-appointed ‘Ruling Class’ to take over our media, our politics, and our universities.

“We must defeat the Ruling Class politicians first in the Primaries, and then in the General Elections. The websites below show us how.

“Join the Movement”


“Best selling author, StressFreeBill, is on a mission…

“And there is a movement to get the word out… but we need your help.”


“Many of our elected officials no longer bother to honor their promises or even their own party platform. In the Republican Party, these professional politicians value global trade over American sovereignty. cheap labor over American families, and amnesty and open borders over safety and the Rule of Law. They claim to be for small government, yet increase its size and power every year.

“There is an explanation for this, but we must have the courage to accept the truth… There is a new Ruling Class culture attempting to rule America and it extends across all parties. This collection of politicians, media, and intelligentsia could care less about the Will of the People.”

And also:

“Not all politicians have become Ruling Class Politicians, and not all of them are up for reelection every cycle… but when they are we need to take action.


“Each one of us, no matter how rich or how poor, no matter if we carry influence or keep a private life – it doesn’t even matter where we live… Each one of us can make a difference nationwide.

“Will you do your part?”

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