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Goals and Strategy

To accomplish our goals, we need to have massive numbers of members. Any successful grassroots organization needs to grow from thousands of members to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even to millions of members.

The founders of PRC PAC have professional experience in building multiple volunteer organizations with memberships in the tens of thousands. In addition, we have interviewed national leaders to organizations such as the Tea Party and Convention of States to understand the challenges of building and maintaining such large movements. We have the internal infrastructure in place to handle the massive growth necessary for political impact on a national level.

Our strategy is simple – we offer a free smartphone app.

The PRC PAC App:

  • Has a Newsfeed that removes political bias from headlines and opens people’s eyes
  • Allows us to disseminate political advertising without the censorship of social media platforms
  • Hosts our podcasts
  • Explains our movement
  • Aids in recruiting
  • Facilitates communications amongst our membership

Recruiting new members is as simple as encouraging someone to download the free app!

The PRC Challenge

Most people know that something is wrong with the way our political system is working; they just can’t quite put their finger on exactly what it is…

This is a simple challenge that anyone can do. It will ‘lift the veil’ of confusion and craziness that surrounds most of today’s current events.

Once you understand the driving forces behind our politicians, the media, our civil servants, etc. everything will start making sense. The surprising thing is that it doesn’t take much; once you start seeing the truth you can’t ‘unsee’ it. Just a few days of letting us guide you through current events with our perspective will set you free – and you’ll be eager to share your new found understanding with others.

Taking The Challenge:

1) Install the free PRC PAC App on your phone. In the News Feed, tap on a new article and scan the headlines. One headline is from the original article and the other we have added. Repeat this with each new article. You can tap again to read the full article if you wish, but just reading the headlines is usually enough. Do this once a day for two weeks (it takes about two minutes a day).

2) In addition, listen to the PRC podcast once a week…

That’s it! That’s the PRC Challenge! Once you’ve done it you’ll never look at politics the same again – you’ll understand why everyone in the country needs this App !!!

8 Questions for Recruiting

Convincing Your Prospect to Join

Asking the following questions creates a successful formula for guiding others into enrolling. Exercise leadership and use your influence to sign them up.

1) ‘Do you think our political leadership really has our best interests at heart?’

2) ‘Do you trust the media?’

3) ‘We think there’s a lot of RINOs in the Senate and Congress that are undermining our president… Do you agree?’

4) ‘If there was a way to bypass the media and replace RINO politicians with America First candidates would you want to know about it?’

5) ‘Have you ever heard of a Political Union?’

  • Give an example: i.e. a Labor Union
  • The real power of a political union is in the massive size of its membership…
    • Use the free app & news feed as an example – draw the picture of how thousands of members across the country can spread information and campaign ads that no social media company could block (equals $millions in advertising)
  • Make it clear that we want to get the free PRC App on as many phones across America as possible

6) ‘Does that make sense? What do you like best about what we are doing?’

7) ‘You should take the PRC Challenge…’

  • Scroll through the PRC daily News Feed headlines for two weeks (it takes two minutes a day), and listen to the podcast once a week… Do this for just two weeks and you’ll never look at politics the same again.
  • ‘You could do that, couldn’t you? – Take two minutes a day to help us support our President?’

8) Explain that there are four levels of membership but the first level is free and you still get the App.

  • ‘Would you want to start at one of the dues paying levels, or the free level?’
  • ‘Let me take your information and get you in the system… how do I spell your last name…?’ Or, ‘Let’s get the PRC PAC downloaded on your phone and I’ll show you how to get started…’