Websites and Information Technology


PRC PAC currently maintains two permanent websites (one for members and one for the general public). From time to time, other temporary sites may be established to facilitate certain recruiting, fundraising, and/or campaigning operations.

Sophisticated online operations require constant maintenance and expertise. Software has been purchased and/or licensed and some peripheral services (such as email systems) are contracted. Web hosting, back-ups, and software upgrades constitute ongoing expenses. 


PRC PAC currently maintains a sophisticated setup that consists of two primary databases and several peripherals. As is the case with the websites, all databases are designed with redundancy and scalability. By setting up the correct systems now, we can potentially avoid many of the growing pains associated with organizational growth expanding into the hundreds of thousands.

All Good Practice security standards for consumer information are adhered to. PRC PAC does not maintain credit card or banking account information in its electronic systems. All such information is held by designated Merchant Banks.

All websites and databases are backed-up daily to prevent downtime or catastrophic information loss.