Why a Monthly Donation is Important

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NOTE: If you sign-up as an IAM or IPM, you MUST go HERE to validate your auto-donation. This must be completed in order to secure a position in the genealogy.

“A little bit of time; a little bit of money…” That’s the key success strategy for Primary the Ruling Class (PRC PAC) to give everyone the same political clout as a megadonor.

In my career, I have built four volunteer organizations that all numbered membership in the thousands. Three of them had over 10,000 people, with one exceeding 36,000. I want to take that experience and share it with you. After all, we all have the same goal; we want to build an army of people to Drain the Swamp and Primary the Ruling Class…

The #1 lesson I learned is that the people you recruit will probably do what you do. In other words, if you put no time into this project, they probably won’t either. On the other hand, if you take it seriously and make an honest effort they’re likely to also. The same is true for your positioning and rank… If you come in at (or, upgrade to) the IAM position, and if they see you actively sponsoring and advancing ranks, there is a very good chance they will follow suit. No one is asking you to take bread off the table or ignore your family, but this is important – this is our country we’re talking about. Please gauge your efforts accordingly.

Of course, we appreciate the upfront donation you made upon joining, but your monthly auto donation is critical to making the duplication magic happen. When you recruit two people (or more) to join the Primary the Ruling Class movement, one of the most common questions you will hear is, “How did you start?” You want to begin a chain of contributors that will eventually amount to thousands of hours of volunteer work, thousands of social media posts, and thousands of dollars of donations – that reoccur every month – and are all for the purpose of Draining the Swamp and bringing our government back under the control of the people. And if you put in a little bit of time, and contribute a little bit of money monthly, we can achieve that goal.

For those of you that need to generate some financial rewards to justify the time and effort you put into building the movement, the auto-donations of your team can be a source of ongoing residual overrides.

So, that’s why it should be important for you to maintain a monthly donation. It is important to us (the organization) because we need to be able to set a budget based on monthly revenue. If we know we have a base amount coming in each month, it obviates the need to set aside several months of operating expenses (rent, web hosting, etc.) and frees those funds to be used directly for advertising, production, and campaigns. It also allows us to leverage our media buys; in other words, if we can show consistent revenue we are far more likely to be able to negotiate discounts and purchase on credit – which gives us the opportunity to make much bigger buys. Finally, those monthly donations add up and help us build a war chest. So, when election time rolls around, we’ll be ready.

If we were a traditional Super PAC (collecting six and seven-figure donations from the super wealthy) none of these things would matter. But, because we are a grassroots movement, all of these things are critical.

Your support is appreciated and the Primary the Ruling Class Committee thanks you.