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iBuild – PayPal Connection Issue

To: the iBuild Team, This is in regards to the App I am building with your template. I love your service,but I need some help. I am unable to connect my App to the PayPal servers where I have an active business account. PayPal assures me my settings are correct. My name is William Luznicky […]

If We Save the GOP, We Save America…

Listen to this article (above), or read it (below) Alexander Ocasio-Cortez & Ilhan Omar The Democrat Party is in shambles… Regardless of what the mainstream media tries to manipulate us to think, the socialist/leftist side of their party has taken control. They call themselves Democratic Socialists – but that term is an oxymoron… socialism is […]

Are You Ready to Take a Stand?

Do You Think Congress Is Doing Its Job? Hundreds of President Trump’s nominees still haven’t been affirmed… They grow the deficit every year… Leaders won’t even bring much of President Trump’s agenda up for a vote… Listen: What Is A Political Union? Do You Think Republican Leadership Is Sabotaging President Trump? They undermine his agenda […]