I joined PRC PAC to help stop the madness that I felt our country had spiraled into. I was growing increasingly upset with politics and politicians and felt helpless; I am often left scratching my head as to how we got to this point.

We are where we are politically because mainstream Americans have been quiet and unengaged for too long. This PAC gives mainstream Americans the information and the voice they need to make decisions and a difference at the polls. We do this by tracking their behavior and then informing voters to the difference between what the politicians say and what they do!

Primary elections are a very powerful tool for our citizens and they are often overlooked. This PAC focuses on that process and will put people on the ballots that have the best interest of this great nation at the forefront of their time in office. This PAC also exposes the hypocrisy and lies told by many establishment politicians that frustrate mainstream Americans…..and I like that, A LOT!

Todd Workman

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