How PRC PAC Uses Your Dues & Donations

PRC is a grassroots organization and does not accept big money from corporations or individuals. We believe this is important in order to keep our cause pure. Therefore, we are dependent upon the monthly contributions (dues) donated by our members. We realize the importance of transparency in an organization such as ours so we have provided a breakdown of exactly what your money goes for. Please scroll down to view the various programs and services PRC provides.

We value your membership and, if you are thinking about joining, we hope you will. Our freedoms are being threatened like never before and the forces against us are organized… while many of us are not. There is nothing wrong with standing up for American jobs, our economy, and our borders. There is nothing wrong with wanting to put America First (rather than some globalist vision) and there is nothing wrong with demanding that our politicians do just that – after all, they swore an oath.

With your help, we will hold them accountable.

I am proud to stand beside you,

Bill Luznicky

Chairman, PRC PAC

Look Below to See Everything You Are Supporting

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