Your Introduction to the PRC Political Union

What to Do First: 

(Tap each section for more detail)


(Tap each section for more detail)

What to Do First?

Download – Move – Verify – Complete

  • Download the PRC PAC app from The App Store (Apple/IOS), or Google Play (Android) – if you haven’t already
  • Move the App to your Homepage. Hold your figure on the App until a menu appears – select ‘Move to Homepage’ (or, slide it to the Homepage section)
    • You will not receive important notifications unless your app is on your Homepage
  • Verify your email address by responding to the Confirmation email
    • Your account will not be valid until your email is confirmed
  • Complete your registration by filling out the form accessed through the Sign-up/Upgrade icon (IMPORTANT)
    • There will be times we need to get important information to you immediately. PRC PAC needs multiple ways to contact and sort you (including geographically). We are a political organization and also have to comply with federal regulations. Please check the box, ‘Update of Personal Information (not a change of membership status)’, and update/complete your information immediately
    • Use this same form anytime your contact information changes
    • Use this same form to upgrade your Membership Level
    • Credit card information is not required for the Minuteman/IM (free) level
    • Social Security information is not required unless applying for the ‘Paid Positions’ program

Recruit – Challenge – Consider

  • Recruit 5 new people into our PRC Political Union ASAP (at any level of membership)
    • Have them download The PRC PAC App and get them started immediately (Introduction icon)
  • Challenge them take The PRC Challenge
    • After installing the free PRC PAC App on your phone, in the News Feed, tap on a new article and scan the headlines. One headline is from the original article and the other PRC has added. Repeat this with each new article. You can tap again to read the full article if you wish, but just reading the headlines is usually enough. Do this once a day for two weeks (it takes about two minutes a day)
    • In addition, listen to the PRC weekly podcast
    • Follow-up with your new members and make sure they complete The Challenge
    • That’s it! That’s the PRC Challenge! Once you’ve done it it will change the way you look at politics forever – you’ll understand why everyone in the country needs this App !!!
  • Consider upgrading your membership and/or making a one-time donation
    • We do not accept mega-donations – we are a grassroots movement. Our cause is just and our children are worth it… please be generous
    • Also, if you have an affinity for recruiting and organization building, consider applying for our ‘Paid Positions’ program. We need both part-time and full-time leaders.


  • As soon as possible, attend an online Member Orientation webinar
  • Invite prospects to attend online Membership Rally webinars
  • Make a daily habit of flipping through the PRC Newsfeed articles and read the ones that interest you.
  • Make a weekly habit of reading the PRC Newsletter.
  • Make a weekly habit of listening to the podcast (To subscribe to the podcast, go to:
  • Most importantly – Decide if you just want to go through the motions, or if you really want to make a difference !!!


We want to ‘lift the veil’ of confusion surrounding politics and expose elitist establishment/Ruling Class officeholders that only give lip service to placing America first. By educating the public and funding campaigns we will support America First candidates in the Primary and General elections. To this end, we have created The PRC Challenge…

On this App, you can learn more about this under:

  • PRC News Feed (scan the headlines daily)
  • Podcasts (listen to the weekly podcasts)
  • About Us (videos)
  • About Us (audios)/What Is PRC?
  • Menu/Book Excerpt/Chapter 2
  • To understand our fundamental philosophy, read our Simple Truths blog.


We are building a grassroots organization in which every member has this free PRC PAC App installed on their phone. Through this App, we can drive education, candidate information, and campaign ads to potentially hundreds of thousands of voters who can each share with others – ultimately reaching millions.

On this App, you can learn more about this under:

  • About Us (audio)/Share the App (strategy)
  • About Us (audio)/The PRC Challenge
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to: A War Chest – Ad Campaigns to Replace RINOs
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more about all the services PRC supports


The #1 objective of every member should be to recruit others – and to get the PRC PAC App installed on as many phones as possible. You can SHARE the various articles, videos, and audios with prospects. We want thousands of Americans to take The PRC Challenge…

Set an example and encourage people to learn about us and participate. Consider upgrading your membership and encourage others to do the same. Solicit one-time donations. 

On this App, you can learn more about this under:

  • The What to Do First section of this page
  • Sign up – Upgrade (complete your own sign up – consider upgrading – sign up others)
  • Calendar and Event Flag (check for local events and online recruiting rallies, Member Orientation webinars, trainings, and other events)
  • Donate (make one-time donations for yourself and others)
  • About Us (audio)/Memb Levels & Upgrading
  • About Us (audio)/The PRC Challenge
  • Menu/Re: Membership/Membership Comparison Chart
  • Menu/Re: Membership/How Donations Are Used (chart)
  • Menu/Re: Recruiting/8 Questions for Recruiting
  • Menu/Re: Recruiting/The PRC Challenge

A Message From the Chairman

PRC is a grassroots organization and does not accept big money from corporations or individuals. We believe this is important in order to keep our cause pure. Therefore, we are dependent upon the monthly contributions (dues) donated by our members. We realize the importance of transparency in an organization such as ours so we have provided a breakdown of exactly what your money goes for. Please scroll down to view the various programs and services PRC provides. We value your membership and, if you are thinking about joining or upgrading, we hope you will. Our freedoms are being threatened like never before and the forces against us are organized... while many of us are not. There is nothing wrong with standing up for American jobs, our economy, and our borders. There is nothing wrong with wanting to put America First (rather than some globalist vision) and there is nothing wrong with demanding that our politicians do just that - after all, they swore an oath. With your help, we will hold them accountable. I am proud to stand beside you,

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