Deep-Dive Political Research Archives

Search for specific topics, or scroll down to access archive categories… Political & Social Issues Historic and Current Events Go to the Archive Federal Candidates & Officeholders Information on Individuals Seeking and/or Holding Federal Public Office Go to the Archive Other Public Figures & Personalities Information on Influential Individuals Outside of Public Service Go to […]

iBuild – PayPal Connection Issue

To: the iBuild Team, This is in regards to the App I am building with your template. I love your service,but I need some help. I am unable to connect my App to the PayPal servers where I have an active business account. PayPal assures me my settings are correct. My name is William Luznicky […]

IT’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy (excerpt)

It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy By StressFreeBill Medsabi Publishing NOTE: This is the book that started the movement. The following Chapter 2 excerpt is provided as a courtesy. The full print edition of this book may be purchased from the PRC Store on this App or the website. The eBook […]

What to Do First

What to Do First? Revised 11/10/19-Approved   If you have not done so already, download the free PRC PAC App onto your smartphone Download it from The App Store (Apple/IOS), or Google Play (Android) Move the App to your Homepage (hold your figure on the App until a menu appears – select ‘Move to Homepage’) […]

PRC App and News Feed

PRC App and News Feed The PRC News Feed is one of the most influential tools the PAC utilizes. All new members (even the free levels) receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to download the free app and set-up the news feed.  Content is added daily from a large number of differing insider […]

Deep Dive Political Research Archives

Deep Dive Political Research Archives The PRC Political Research Archives are an ever expanding database of articles, events, reports, and voting records of candidates, office holders, and other persons of interest inside and outside of government.  Come election season, all candidates sound the same… but we know behavior never lies. This archived record of their […]

Downloads – Presentations

Here is where you will find various presentations that can be downloaded. PRC PAC Presentations [ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”5,6,7″ ihc_mb_template=”1″ ]   PRC Full Presentation w/membership Levels – Powerpoint This powerpoint presentation can be used for a live presentation on a computer or a projector.     [download id=”15547″ template=”button”]       PRC Whiteboard Animation […]

Downloads – Forms & Charts

Here is where you will find various forms that can be downloaded and printed. PRC PAC Forms and Charts   [ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”5,6,7″ ihc_mb_template=”1″ ] PRC PAC Member Application This is a paper application that can be used to speed-up the sign-up process. Note: All applications must be scanned or photographed with a smartphone and […]

If We Save the GOP, We Save America…

Listen to this article (above), or read it (below) Alexander Ocasio-Cortez & Ilhan Omar The Democrat Party is in shambles… Regardless of what the mainstream media tries to manipulate us to think, the socialist/leftist side of their party has taken control. They call themselves Democratic Socialists – but that term is an oxymoron… socialism is […]